Regina Smith

Rooted in embodied contemplative philosophies, Regina is known for her magical creativity, intellectual clarity, and mission-centered collaborative leadership. As a personal development coach, Regina supports womyn through a journey of sacred liberation by helping them root into body-full joy and authentic power. Regina also brings radical honesty and training in mindfulness and power dynamics in service of organizations who wish to develop inclusive cultures for the greater good. Regina Smith holds an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology from Naropa University, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Mission Integration and Student Affairs at Naropa University.

Deb Bopsie

I am, first and foremost, a cis gender, white, female-identified human being with a tender heart, a fierce presence and a warm nature. I practice as a contemplative psychotherapist in private practice and teach in the graduate school of psychology at Naropa University. I have a background in meditation, mediation and social justice and have been leading groups for more than two decades. Committed to alleviating suffering through the use and understanding of power, I am dedicated to the belief that everyone has the capacity to be their best selves and use power for the benefit of all. I live in Boulder Colorado with my wife and have three adult children living on the east coast.

Uğur Kocataşkın

As a Contemplative Multicultural Psychotherapist in private practice and Assistant Professor at Naropa University, I have been leading groups in various educational and clinical settings and in private practice for more than 15 years. I am a dedicated student, educator, and facilitator in the areas of social justice, intersectionality, and multiculturalism. As a first-generation immigrant and member of the GLBTQ community, I aspire to create space for courageous and compassionate connections that foster inspiration, growth, and transformation.

Nic Aquino-Roithmayr

Nic is a Social Justice Counselor, Contemplative Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Instructor, and Violence Prevention Educator. His work is rooted in the understanding that identity and social location are intrinsic to a person's process of healing and empowerment. As a white-bodied queer man, Nic is passionate about interrupting the ways we perpetuate cycles of violence in our own lives, and being a part of collective recovery from cultures of dominance.

Derrick Jones

Derrick is a student of life and love, shaped by a wide spectrum of experiences. He is an artist and community builder, motivated by dreams of justice and equity. Derrick has an MFA in Film and is a Ph.D. student in Moving Image Studies. He has an extensive career in higher education, previously working at Bowling Green State University and Naropa University.